bistrot de pays

vins du Roussillon

La cuina catalana (Catalan cooking)

Olive oil, garlic, sun and patience : here are the main ingredients of the Catalan cooking. It’s a mixed and flavoured cooking. It isn’t afraid to mix sugar and salt, honey , cinnamon, almonds, pine kernels and dried fruit.

Discover a traditional cooking, contemporary cooking, everywhere cooking.

Les Toques Blanches du Roussillon


The pubs

The spirit «Bistrot de Pays », has the ambition of friendliness again.
in the plate with a deep soil flavour, sensitive to outside ideas and personal interpreting.
in the welcome each place has a role of ambassador to the visitors
in the activities desire for exchange, fun and why not surprise
in the listening attitude too

Bistrot de Pays


The wines of Roussillon

Discover the soil and the quality of the wine from the country of Mediterranean Pyrenees.

Côtes du Roussillon and Côtes du Roussillon Village, Rivesaltes and Muscat de Rivesaltes, Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru, Collioure.

You will know everything about the wine growing the guaranteed vintages, decrees, gastronomy and recipes from today and yesterday in the Catalan country.


Wines of Roussillon